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We are a committment based school.

Simply put, the longer you are a member, the more value you will receive. Your price is locked in at the time of enrollment and will never increase unless you choose to add additional class time. Cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. Over time, you will receive additional free training opportunities simply for maintaining your membership. No mandatory upgrades or fee increases. Try our six week trial. Come meet us. Discover what so many families have learned over the past twenty years: the martial arts are a lot more than you may think they are.

Six Week Trial Membership: $69

Full Member


Full Membership
(Two Class per Week)
$127 per month

For those who wish to experience the martial arts fully, this is the program for you. Benefits include: four group class options (pick any two each week), Colors of Character program, recognition badges, special events (tournaments, clinics), free member web site, Black Belt Club eligibility, Weapons training, Leadership programs, Off the Mat program, and more!


Full Member Discounted Family Plans

Many of our students train together as a family. We have special programs at a discounted price to make it easier for the whole family to join the fun. In addition to enjoying all of the benefits of a full member, family packages also include half price test fees and other savings on special events, merchandise and equipment.

Find out more about the Total Dojo Family Membership

Not sure if you can make it regularly twice a week? Ask us about the Flex-class program.

Extended Member


Extended Membership
(Three Class per Week)
$144 per month

All of the benefits of full membership, plus the ability to attend up to three group classes per week.

For more information about the many free opportunities included with membership explore Creative Connections and the Black Belt Club


Request additional information and get started on your six week trial!




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