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February 2016

For the Family
For the Family

Off the Mat

Questers' Way

Valentine's Parents' Night Out

Enhance Your Experience Enhance Your Martial Arts Experience

Black Belt Club Events

Chinese New Year
Buddy Celebration

President's Day Karate Camp

Belt Testing

Our KLCdojo Community
Our KLC Dojo Community

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Shout Outs & Achievements

Year of the Goat

February 8th Begins the Year of the Monkey

Each animal of the Chinese New Year has certain characteristics. The Monkey is said to be an animal of wit, intelligence, and creativity. The Year of the Monkey is a time where anything can happen. Individual effort is greatly rewarded. It is a time to step outside of one's comfort zone and take some risks. The Monkey has a talent for finding creative solutions to problems. This year, think outside the box, be brave with your ideas, and do something awesome!

Year of the Monkey PowerCards are here! Earn yours by giving someone special a New Year's Gift.

Share the Chinese New Year with your school. At your request (and teacher approval), your instructors will come to your classroom at school and share the legend of the Chinese New Year. We will also give your classmates some simple exercises for maintaining focus in the classroom based on the zodiac animals. Plus, everyone in the class gets a Year of the Monkey PowerCard! Email us so we can visit your classroom, too!

For the Family
Community Connection

Friday, February 26th

@ North Windham Location

Exploring the Year of the Monkey!

Make the most of your martial arts experience! Off the Mat teaches parents and students how to take the skills we reinforce in the dojo and apply them when you're off the mats.

What is Off the Mat?

Community Connection

It's Coming!
We will be opening in early March!

Found out how to become a Founding Family and get in on the Grand Opening party at:

Enhance Your Martial Arts Experience
Black Belt Club

February Black Belt Club Events

Friday, February 5th: Monkey & Tiger Demo Practice, Dragon Demo
Saturday, February 6th: Blue & Blule Stripe Belt Turbo; Beginner Bo Staff; Testing; Overnight

Friday, February 12th: Katana; Adult BBC
Saturday, February 13th: Green Belt Turbo; Nunchaku; Brown Belt Turbo; Chinese New Year Buddy Event; Valentine's Day Parents' Night Out

Friday, February 19th: Leadership; Dragon Demo
Saturday, February 20th: Green Stripe Turbo Training; Kama; Bo Staff (Int-Tourn); Instructor Training

Friday, February 27th: Off the Mat; Master's Club
Saturday, February 28th: Black Belt Turbo; Fan

What is Black Belt Club?

Off the Mat

Presidents' Day Karate Camp
Monday & Tuesday, Feb. 15th & 16th
Held at our Storrs Location

Games, Learning & Fun!

Wear your gi pants & a t-shirt. Belts & gi tops are optional.
Participants should bring a lunch. Afternoon snack is provided.

Cost: $50
*Before/After camp care is available ($5 per half hour)

Students & Non-Students welcome!
Bring a non-training friend & you both get $10 off!

Details & registration here

Community Connection

Saturday, February 6th
@ North Windham Location

White - Blue/St Belts: 2:00-2:45pm
Green-Brown Belts: 3:15-4:15pm

*Students selected for testing will receive a letter.

Check my progress

Off the Mat

Valentine's Day Parents Night Out
Saturday, February 13th

Participants will:
~Make Valentine’s Crafts
~Play Games with your favorite Instructors
~A snack will be provided; participants are also welcome to bring their own snack/dinner

Cost: 1st Family Member $25
Additional Family Members: $10 each

KLC Dojos members & their siblings are welcome! (ages 3 & up)
Held at our North Windham Location
Register Here

Bullying Prevention Month

Chinese New Year Buddy Celebration!

Share your dojo and explore the Year of the Monkey with a non-training friend!

Saturday, February 13th

@ the North Windham Location

At the celebration we will:
• Share the legend of the Chinese New Year
• Play fun karate games
• Teach your friend basic martial arts

Buddy & Student must register here

Our KLC Dojo Community

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So many of our students do awesome things outside of the dojo, we want to recognize your hard work! Email us and tell us about your achievements (or your child's achievements) or send in a shout-out to one of your fellow martial artists.

Tell us why you're awesome
or shout out to a friend!

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