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"All glory comes from daring to begin."
Frequently Asked Questions


"How does the class schedule work?"

Keyword: Flexibility.

You choose how many classes you attend per week with once, twice, and three times per week memberships available. You have multiple class options to choose from throughout the week. You can also make up missed classes at any time; they never expire so you always get what you pay for. For days and times, see our beginner class schedules.


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"Do you need any experience?"

No experience required! The vast majority of our students came to us with no previous experience. You do not need to have any martial arts knowledge or even any particular level of athletic skill to begin.

In fact, many of our existing students chose to start in the martial arts because they did not find success with team sports. The martial arts is an individual journey. Each student's progress is based on their own needs and goals for personal growth and development.



"Do the martial arts encourage violent behavior?"

Quite the opposite. Students are much less likely to behave violently if they are formally training. Our programs are specially designed to encourage personal growth and development with an emphasis on demonstrating respect for others, practicing self control, and developing self discipline. Students are very quickly educated to the fact that the martial arts are not about fighting.


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"Will I or my child get yelled at, intimidated, or hit?"


The first thing most people notice when they walk through our doors is that everyone is smiling and the instructors are very approachable and helpful. There is no contact allowed under black belt. The emphasis is developing control. All of our instructors are highly trained, motivated, and employ a positive, high-energy teaching style.

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