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    As part of our commitment to a 21st century educational model, we would like to offer you the ability to “get flipped”! No, not literally...we’re talking about choosing to participate in a flipped classroom.

    What does this mean? Many educational facilities are using technology to help create a more customized learning experience for students.

    Here’s how flipped learning works: Teachers provide their students with a lesson which is watched online. This allows students to explore the lesson at their own pace, watching and listening as often as they like. When they go to class, they work with their teacher to gain both experience and practical application of the lesson. Basically, the classroom is flipped - the lesson is learned at home, and the homework is done in school.

What’s the advantage?
    Students will have the ability to learn their forms and combinations from their instructors at home in small, easy to digest pieces through online videos. This will allow them to not only learn at their own pace, but also review material that they may have forgotten as they move from rank to rank. When they come to class, they will be better prepared to both refine and deepen their understanding of their material in the presence of their instructors.

Important! This does not in any way mean we will not be teaching the material in class!
    Students can chose to continue to learn in the traditional method or use the video lessons as a supplement or review. The online lessons will only help students grasp the patterns of the forms and combinations so that in class they can focus on refinement and application.

    We know how challenging it can be for students to remember what they learned in class, and how difficult it can be for adults to help their children practice when they are not learning the material themselves. Consider this an additional resource to further your development into an excellent martial artist.