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Creative Connections through the Martial Arts


    The Quest Book:

  • Join the quest to become a Pebble Dropper! We are on a quest to make a postitive impact and spread some ripples through our actions.
  • The Quest Book is full of fun missions based on random acts of kindness. It's a fun and unique way to develop respect, gratitude, and mindfulness.




  • Link the martial arts skills you practice in class to the cornerstones of character development: practicing self control, respect for others, and self discipline.
  • Use the online videos of your instructors to help you practice for your next belt.



    'The Adventures of Jay & Tay':

  • Explore the character lessons of the martial arts through the power of storytelling.
  • Connect what they are learning in classes to their experiences outside the dojo. Let the story be a launching point for discussion and conversation for the whole family.