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What to do if you miss classes

What can I do if I miss an occasional class?
We do not reimburse students for missed classes. However, there are four possible class choices every week. Students are encouraged to come to extra classes to make up for any classes missed.

What happens if I miss a week or two?
Your karate enrollment is based on a 48 week year (12 months times 4 weeks per month). This allows us to close the studio for two weeks per year, and also accommodates two weeks of missed time for the students.

I am going to miss a month or more, can I stop paying while I'm gone?
We understand that extended illness or injury, as well as long vacations can limit a student’s ability to attend classes. Below are three options that you may consider. Please speak to the office staff about what is the best possible solution for your situation.

Personal Training
  • Option One: Make ups through personal training
    One personal training lesson is the equivalent of two group classes. This would mean that if you missed five weeks of classes, you would receive five personal training lessons upon your return, in addition to your regular classes. We highly recommend this, as it allows us to return the student quickly to the level of proficiency they had obtained before leaving. Personal lessons are scheduled in advance with Ken or Lisa. You must continue to pay your monthly fees during your absence to qualify for this option.

  • Option Two: Cancellation
    You may cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. If you wish to be reinstated, you will be subject to any price increases which have occurred since the student’s initial enrollment, and we do not guarantee that you will return to the same class, belt rank, or program.

  • Option Three: Leave of Absence
    In extreme cases, we will freeze a student’s membership until they are able to return. This must be approved by Master Ken.