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Tools for Progress

Tangible goals on
the journey to Black Belt

Rank Checklists
Members will receive a checklist at each rank which will list the required curriculum they will be learning in class. The check list covers the strikes, kicks, forms, and combinations specific to that rank. Requirements are the same for all ages. Below are the requirements for all under black belt ranks.


Adventurer Beginners (pdf)

Adventurer Intermediates (pdf)

Adventurer Advanced (pdf)

Explorer Beginners (pdf)

Explorer Intermediates (pdf)

Explorer Advanced (pdf)

Shaolin Kempo Ranks

White Belt (pdf)

Yellow Belt (pdf)

Orange Belt (pdf)

Purple Belt (pdf)

Blue Belt (pdf)

Blue Stripe Belt (pdf)

Green Belt (pdf)

Green Stripe Belt (pdf)

Brown 3rd Class (pdf)

Brown 2nd Class (pdf)

Brown 1st Class (pdf)


Gateways occur at key belt ranks as students progress towards black belt.
For example, the beginner level curriculum is taught in the first three ranks: white, yellow, and orange belt. The intermediate curriculum in taught at purple, blue, and blue with green stripe. Between orange and purple belt, students will be evaluated to determine their readiness to progress to the next level of their training. We will measure their fitness level, grasp of the curriculum, as well as their martial arts mechanics.
The goal of each gateway is to help the student get a firm grasp of their progress, identify any deficiencies, and create a plan to overcome any challenges the student may be facing. The instructor team will be right there to make sure each student is getting the most from their martial arts journey before stepping through the doorway to their next level of training.