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Class Attendance

Squeeze the most benefit from your martial arts expereince.

Attending Class

    Consistent attendance is critical to the student’s success in the Martial Arts. Coming to class regularly will allow the student to get into a routine and make it easier for the instructors to keep them progressing. At times, your child may express the desire to skip class. Reminding them of their responsibility and commitment will lay the foundation for a good work ethic in all areas of life.

    Many of our families do not consider attending class as optional; they view it as a requirement they have of their child, just like attending school. Many families have found that the lessons they pass on to their children are reinforced by the student’s desire to please their instructors. Getting validation from a source outside the familial unit can be a powerful parenting tool.

    We will happily answer any questions at any time regarding your child’s progress or training. We can also give you guidelines for practicing at home and make recommendations for training equipment. Feel free to come to us at any time if you feel there is any way we can enhance your martial arts experience. We are all excited to do our part to help you achieve your goals both in and out of the dojo.