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Beginner Class Schedules

Our classes are age and ability level specific so that we may more appropriately address the needs of our students. Below are brief descriptions of our beginner level classes.

Little Dragons (3-4 years)
Young students will learn basic martial arts skills as well as simple focus, listening, coordination, and balance skills. Class is hands on, utilizing a variety of fun martial arts equipment.

Tot Classes (4-5 years)
This class will introduce the structure and discipline of the martial arts in a fun, yet controlled environment. Students will be able to advance through the traditional belt ranks by learning martial arts basics, kata, and techniques.

Junior Classes (6-11 years)
This class is fast-paced, with an emphasis on learning about the martial arts and how they impact both the body and the mind. Students will develop fitness, coordination, character, and discipline, while moving through the first four colored belt ranks.

Teen Classes (11-16 years)
Teens have their own special challenges, and this class will focus on building confidence, physical conditioning, and developing social skills. Students will on developing self control and respect for those around them.

Adult Class (17+ years)
Adult classes are designed to provide a safe, fun environment geared specifically for today's busy adult. Just one to one and a half hours, twice per week, will give you the strength of body and peace of mind you deserve.
Classes range in age from the mid twenties up into the sixties. Many of our adults also have children training, and utilize the martial arts as an opportunity to share a common interest with their kids.

Fitness Kickboxing (15+ years)
This heart pumping, high-energy workout combines aerobic conditioning, strengthening and stretching combined into a unique workout taught by martial arts professionals. No formal martial art training is necessary.

Adult Tai Chi
Tai Chi is all about balance. This low impact program for adults will help you move with grace and confidence, handle stressful situations calmly and competently and live your life with clarity and purpose. Take the first step in a gentle journey of self- discovery