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Our commitment to our community owes it’s foundation to the ancient traditions of the martial arts. These traditions have supported untold generations in virtually every country in the world. In their truest forms, most martial arts provide opportunities for balance. They condition the body, strengthen the mind, and expand the spirit. At times they are used to keep us safe. At times, they give us the strength to stand up and lead. Dig deep enough, and you will find that the martial arts are a journey of self discovery which can aid us in unleashing our true potential.

As cultures and the needs of society change, so do the martial arts. While staying true to it’s foundation, the dojo of today provides modern solutions to an ancient quest for personal growth and development. Whether understanding the five components of the bullying cycle, or developing one’s capacity to be a leader through the five animal leadership matrix, our students learn and grow through unique and comprehensive programs combined with the time tested lessons of traditional martial arts.

We are committed to providing a safe, constructive environment for anyone who wishes to experience the many benefits of the Martial Arts. Our teaching style is fun and motivational, with an emphasis on creating a positive environment so that you and your family can fully enjoy the Martial Arts experience. Our classes will help you increase your fitness level, flexibility, balance, and coordination. We will help you become more confident and disciplined, while adding more years to your life, and more life to your years.