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FREE programs we provide for the community

Every educational facility and community group needs strong role models delivering positive messages to their students. Your mission is to transform today’s youth into tomorrow’s responsible adults. Our mission is to support that effort. We’ll validate your teachings through engaging and educational presentations designed to deliver character development in a unique and powerful format.


Outreach Presentation Options

Jay & Tay

Character Reading:
The Adventures of Jay & Tay
"Climb inside a book and experience it first hand"

Jay is getting ready to attend his first martial arts class. He thinks he is going to learn how to fight like on television. He quickly realizes that being a martial artist has more to do with self control, respect for others, and self discipline. He learns to follow directions, focus on the task at hand, and turn a bully into a friend. And so will your students.
Time Involved: 30-45 Minutes
Appropriate Grades: Kindergarten through 6th Grade


Interactive Demo

Interactive Demonstration
“Give your group an assembly they won’t forget”

Imagine the look on their faces when they walk in and see a real live black belt smiling back at them. Now sit back and watch them laugh and learn as they discover the true meaning of the martial arts: respect towards others, confidence, discipline, and focus. The presenter will keep them actively participating while explaining the importance of the positive character traits a martial artist chooses to embrace.
Time Involved: 45-75 minutes
Appropriate Grades: Kindergarten through 12th Grade


Personal Safety

Personal Safety Workshop
“If you want to handle life’s bullies, you need a plan”

When a scary situation occurs, if we do not know what to do, we will probably react inappropriately. What if your group had some simple tools that would empower them to take control without escalating a situation? What if they had the ability to present themselves with grace and confidence, thus reducing the likelihood of trouble? A little awareness, understanding, and some basic skills can go a long way.
Time Involved: 45-90 Minutes
Appropriate Grades: 2nd through 12th Grade


Enrichment Program

Enrichment Program
““Transform your facility into a Dojo”

We will recreate the experience of an actual martial arts class for your group. Participants will experience a fun, motivational, high energy class loaded with skills designed to strengthen the body and stimulate the mind. The classes will focus on five main components: character development, fitness, basic martial arts, personal safety, and concentration skills.
Time Involved: Six 45 Minute Lessons
Appropriate Grades: 1st through 12th Grade



Leadership Seminar
“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Success is not an accident. It requires strength, perseverance, and understanding. True leaders lead through example. They figure out who they are and learn to nurture their relationships with others. They develop their body, mind, and a positive attitude. The term “Kung Fu” simply means “Human Achievement”. The thousand year old tradition of five animal Kung Fu is the catalyst for developing five mindsets that will introduce students to the potential leader within.
Time Involved: Six 60 Minute Lessons
Appropriate Grades: 7th through 12th Grade


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 Jay & Tay Reading
 Interactive Demonstration
 Personal Safety Workshop
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