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The Adventures of Jay & Tay
"Climb inside a book and experience it first hand"

Jay & Tay Book 1

Who are Jay & Tay? Jordan and Taylor, who have called each other Jay and Tay since as long as they could remember, are siblings. Jay is energetic and imaginative. He often lets his enthusiasm get the better of him. Tay, who is more reserved and thoughtful, seems to spend a lot of time rolling her eyes at her younger brother. Jay and Tay are about to begin an adventure that will take them on a journey of self-discovery. Jay is getting ready to attend his first martial arts class. He thinks he is going to learn how to fight like on television. He quickly realizes that being a martial artist has more to do with self-control, respect for others, and self discipline. He learns to follow directions, focus on the task at hand, and turn a bully into a friend. And so will you.

The Jay and Tay adventure series will explore many character based topics and situations by connecting the lessons they learn through their martial arts training to other areas of their lives. They will learn to overcome challenges, practice good sportsmanship in competition, handle bullies, get along with friends, and be supportive at home. As the books progress, so will Jay & Tay, growing up in the Dojo, allowing readers to grow up right along with them.

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