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Experience Points
The Keys to Learning are Experinence & Application

    Each rank has a minimum amount of experience points a student must accumulate before becoming eligible for rank advancement. More experience points is better! Think in terms of practicing for a game or studying for a test: if you want to excel, would you just put in the minimum amount of preparation necessary? (Hopefully the answer is “No!”) For example: a white belt over the age of 6 will need to accumulate at least 12 experience points before they are eligible to test for their yellow belt. Once they meet this minimum, they know that they are now in the test preparation phase, and should be working hard to accumulate additional experience points so that they can realize their full potential before advancing to a new rank.

KLC Dojos

How are experience points earned?
• It’s simple: every time you attend a class, you earn one experience point.
• That means a full member will earn an average of eight experience points per month.
• Points can also be earned through extra classes such as personal lessons and Black Belt Club turbo training classes.
• Any time you would like to check your experience point level, you can request a status check online.

Current Belt Rank Experience Points Needed to Test

Minimum Age
Required to Test

White 10 points 5 yrs old
Yellow 12 points 6 yrs old
Orange 14 points 6 yrs old
Purple 20 points 6½ yrs old
Blue 22 points 7 yrs old