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The 5th Dimension Institute & Creative Connections
5th Dimension Institute

Welcome! We believe that the martial arts can be about so much more than just kicking and punching. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Fifth Dimension Institute, the creators of Creative Connections and an organization committed to positively impacting communities throughout the country by using the fascinating world of the martial arts as its foundation.

Serving as a community resource and family ally

Educational Articles and Q & A forums
Looking for ideas to get more than just good grades from school or help your child handle life’s bullies? Find the article that fits your needs or look through the “Questions answered” forum. Have a specific question? Submit it and we’ll do our best to provide you with solutions that work.

Creative Connections Program
Explore this innovative program which promotes character, community, and family time

Outreach Explorations
We bring the lessons of the dojo to your school or group.

Community Involvement
We are constantly organizing social activities and supporting community events and charities.

Five Animal Leadership
Bring out the leader within through a melding of ancient martial arts philosophies with modern solutions for personal growth and development.

Bully prevention and awareness
There are five keys to dealing with bully situation. We all know what the problems are. Time to focus on lasting solutions that work.

Adventures of Jay & Tay children’s book series
There is power in stories. Put it to work for you with exercises, character quizes, and discussion pieces for both parents a and educators.